Probat has debuted Proair, a new system for odour reduction and cooling exhaust air treatment.

Seeing problems in past forms of cooling exhaust air treatment, Probat entered into a partnership with company Aerox, which has used a cold plasma process to reduce odours in many manufacturing industries.

Cold plasma is generated by applying high voltage (five to 20 kilovolts) to air to create free oxygen radicals. These radicals react with volatile organic components and make them less detectable to the human nose.

Olfactometries on coffee roasters show a reduction in odour emissions by at least half. Energy saving is at least 75 per cent compared to the Probat partial cooling exhaust air treatment.

Proair requires minimal response time, little space, and low operating costs. Indoor or outdoor installation is possible, with the ability to treat up to 220,000 cubic metres of process air per hour.

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