Probat appoints new Vice President of Service

Probat has officially introduced John Serpiello as its Vice President of Service. This new appointment further undefined

substantiates the group´s endeavours to expand its worldwide service activities.

Following the acquisition of ED Industrial and the development of the Probat Service Level Agreements (SLA) earlier this year, Serpiello’s appointment is another step towards reaching its strategic goal of providing enhanced global service solutions.

In January 2017 Probat Inc. announced the acquisition of ED Industrial, a Canadian millwrighting and heavy steel fabrication company working in the food and beverage industry, specializing in coffee processing.

Within the coffee industry, EDI is known to have more experience installing complete coffee processing plants utilising Probat equipment than any other company in North America.

At the time of the acquisition, John Fortin, President of Probat Inc., explained: “Acquiring EDI opens up new prospects for the company to grow its service business in the coffee industry throughout North America and beyond.”

Altogether the acquisition has already significantly enhanced the power of Probat´s customer presentation across all of its product lines and services, allowing the company to better serve its market.

Furthermore to enable customers in Europe and North America to deliver the best performance with their business, Probat now offers them customised service packages on three different levels – the Probat Service Level Agreements (SLA).

The SLAs were developed at the beginning of this year to complement the company`s standard service offering.

The SLAs describe service contracts between Probat and its customers comprising repetitive service concepts.

Customers can choose between the service packages Classic, Comfort and Premium.

Benefits customers receive as a result of these services reach from plannable maintenance costs and improved availability of machines and plants to maximum performance and lowest machine downtimes.

With the appointment of Serpiello, Probat has laid the groundwork to further strengthen its global service functions and to deploy its corporate strategy.

“To operate our global service efficiently, there are many key functions that will need to be consolidated. The demand for global services is constantly increasing. With the acquisition of EDI and the development of SLA, Probat has built the foundation for a successful support infrastructure that can be provided to its customers”, Serpiello said.

Serpiello, who has earned a master degree in business administration, brings many years of experience from the commercial food equipment industry to his new role, having previously held various leading positions in this sector.

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