Probat brings alternative roaster heating solutions to World of Coffee

Probat World of Coffee

German roasting machine manufacturer Probat brings its heating solutions for specialty roasters to World of Coffee, taking place this year from 22 to 24 June in Athens, Greece.

With electricity, hydrogen, or natural gas variants on display at the Probat exhibitor stand, the P05 hydrogen and the P12e represent environmentally friendly alternatives compared to the traditionally gas-powered UG22.

“To live up to our aspiration to shape the global coffee sector sustainably, we had to come up with technological adaptations to enable fossil-free heating,” says Probat CTO Thomas Koziorowski.

“And contrary to what is generally assumed in the industry, the heat source has no influence on the development of flavor profiles, whether natural gas, hydrogen, or electricity. There is no difference in taste at all.”

Considering that roasting results are interchangeable – regardless of the heating source – the electrically and hydrogen-operated Probat specialty roasters are the ideal match for those who actively want to protect the climate without having to compromise on taste.

However, if hydrogen and electricity are unavailable, there is the option to roast the traditional way with natural gas. Whether consumers already know exactly what they’re looking for or would first like to obtain comprehensive information on the available heating options, Probat can provide targeted advice tailored to consumer’s requirements.

Interested parties can test hydrogen and electrical roasting on the P05 specialty roasters in the Probat research and development centre in Emmerich, Germany.

For more information, visit Probat’s website.

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