Probat discusses its Connecting Markets Symposium


Probat’s Connecting Markets Symposium returns to answer the questions of today and those of tomorrow, and give attendees the first look at its new manufacturing facility.

When Probat celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2018, it welcomed hundreds of leading executives and decision makers from the international coffee industry to its German headquarters. Probat CEO Wim Abbing likened the atmosphere to a “family reunion” and deemed the networking event an overwhelming success.

The world market and technology leader in coffee processing technology will once again open its doors to the global coffee community to host the next edition of the Connecting Markets Symposium from 21 to 22 September.

Knowledge, experience, entertainment are the three pillars of the Connecting Markets Symposium, and this year’s event will continue to “make innovation and progress an experience”.

Connecting Markets 2022 will address issues currently influencing and driving the sector, and present solutions.

Sustainability and digitalisation stand at the top of the list, according to Abbing.

“We offer a whole host of ground-breaking solutions in these fields. When it comes to sustainability, these primarily include technologies designed to save energy, minimise pollutants emitted during the roasting process, and options that enable the use of alternative energy sources. And with the possibilities offered by our roaster and plant control systems, we are at the forefront of innovation in the coffee industry when it comes to digitalisation,” Abbing states.

Across the event’s two-day exchange of knowledge and networking, more than 25 prominent industry personalities and influencers of the global coffee community will form the core of the line-up.
Twelve Experience Sessions will also discuss innovative solutions Probat offers for the sustainable and digital design of coffee processing. A special highlight and proof of Probat’s innovative future orientation will be the presentation of the first hydrogen-powered roaster.

International experts from a wide range of backgrounds will also take part in panel discussions to share insights and ideas on the industry’s key drivers.

Guest presenters at this year’s Connecting Markets Symposium include Carl Cervone, COO of Enveritas; Anders Fredriksson, Group CEO of Löfbergs; James Hoffmann, Co-founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters; Andreas IDL, Ceo of Cropster; Darrin Daniel, Executive Director of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence; Bay Delgersaikhan, Founder of Root of Coffea, Stephen Leighton, Green Buyer of Drop Coffee and 3FE Coffee; Jennifer ‘Vern’ Long, CEO of World Coffee Research; Cristian Madriñán, General Director of Buencafé; Anders Nordquist, Managing Director of Arvid Nordquist, and many more.

These industry icons represent the forefront of progressive thinking and action in the coffee industry and will provide insights into the current and future state of the industry.

The occasion has also been timed to celebrate the opening of Probat’s state-of-the-art production facility at the company headquarters in Emmerich. The opening is a milestone for the company in the field of machine, plant engineering and logistics, and will be a sign of Probat’s commitment to sustainability.

The design of the factory’s production process will be optimised through efficient use of decisive production factors. A clear routing, directed material flows, and modular production structures will reflect the focus on increased value creation. Potential expansion areas and changeable structures also aim to facilitate future growth of Probat’s overarching corporate strategy.

Title Probat Go, the next generation ‘future facility’ aims to set an international benchmark in Probat’s core markets. It’s for this reason the Experience Session will also take place in the halls of the new ‘future factory’.

The symposium will intentionally leave enough room for individual exchange and personal networking – over a cup of coffee between presentations and panels, or during the evening event. After a long period without major in-person events, it is time again for Probat and the international coffee community to come together and discuss the drivers of the industry, and literally, connect markets.

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This article was first published in the July/August 2022 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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