PROBAT equips new coffee processing plant in Russia

One of the world leaders in coffee roasting machines and plants, PROBAT, has recently brought a new state of the art coffee processing plant into operation in Kaliningrad, Russia.  Owned and operated by Soyuz Coffee Roasting, the new production plant contains two drum roasters and a roller mill for filter and espresso-fine grind.
Drago Lakic, Managing Director of Soyuz Coffee Roasting says PROBAT’s experience in coffee was one of the decisive reasons it was selected as a partner. “When we decided to enhance our product range by highly qualitative coffee, we were looking for a reliable, well-known and experienced partner to realise our project,” Drago says. With more than 140 years of experience in design and manufacturing of coffee processing plants, German based PROBAT-Werke is well known within the industry for their efficient equipment. “At PROBAT we could assure ourselves of the quality of their products. However not only the high quality equipment encouraged us in our decision – the noticeable competence in and their passion for coffee was fascinating,” Drago says. New to the coffee business, Soyuz Coffee Roasting was founded in 2011 and produces three unique brands of specialty coffee. “We are very pleased that Soyuz places its trust in our technology and competence and we are looking forward to continuing our collaboration,” Rainer van der Beek, Director Sales and Marketing at PROBAT says. Now two drum roasters, a Neptune 500 and a Probatone 50, are in operation to produce Soyuz’ brands Mon Ami, Paretto and Barista.  The Probatone 50 now supports a fully automatic production. Besides the roasting machines, a roller mill and further core components like bin weighing scales are supplied by PROBAT.

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