Probat establishes net zero roadmap

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Probat has launched a climate strategy with the target to reduce the company’s carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2030.

The climate action plan primarily aims to avoid and reduce direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions. With a view of the coffee value chain, Probat is constantly working on environmental technologies that help customers save energy and reduce pollutant emissions from their own operations.

Probat has started to calculate the global corporate carbon footprint together with ClimatePartner, a globally recognised solutions provider for climate action. Relevant group-wide data on electricity, water, and fuel consumption are collected annually to determine the resulting CO2 emissions. Subsequently, adequate avoidance, reduction, and compensation measures are derived.

To date, Probat has saved 85 tonnes of CO2 since 2020 through construction modifications and the installation of a combined heat and power plant. Since 2021, an average of 460 kilograms of CO2 per day are saved through the installation of a photovoltaic system, leading to an average of 164 tonnes per year.

Emissions that cannot be prevented entirely are compensated with the support of a certified climate protection project in the Mataven areas of Colombia, where Probat has offset 4,925,647 kilograms of CO2 for the year 2021.

Through these offsetting actions, the company not only helps conserve the rainforest but has also been declared a climate neutral company. The progress of the implementation of all measures and the achievement of targets are subject to continuous monitoring.

Probat sees it as an obligation to lead the way with courageous and forward-looking decisions that create long-term benefits for a sustainable industry.

The responsible use of resources and the avoidance of pollutant emissions are at the forefront of the development of product solutions. This is to improve the environmental performance of coffee processing operations, such as heat recovery systems or high-performance exhaust air purification technology.

To read more about Probat’s climate action plan, click here.

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