Probat honours long-serving employees

Probat honours

Probat has thanked 13 jubilarians (any employee who has reached a 25-year milestone) and future retirees for their decades of service at a ceremony in its Museum of Coffee Technology in Emmerich, Germany. 

During the ceremony, CEO Wim Abbing and works council chairman Christoph Derksen bid farewell to eight employees ahead of their retirements, while employees reaching 25-year, 40-year and 50-year anniversaries were celebrated. 

“We are at the end of an exciting year, year one after the completion of Probat Go, the new construction and conversion of our production facility here in Emmerich,” Abbing said during his celebratory speech, with which he traditionally opens the anniversary and farewell celebrations that take place every November.  

“This year, we have focused primarily on our own way of working, beyond the production processes. We asked ourselves whether our processes – especially from the customer’s point of view – are target-oriented and [we] realised we also have potential for improvement here.” 

The jubilarians are: Anja Franken, Carmen Holtkamp, Thomas Koziorowski (25 years); Jörg Jansen (40 years) and Manfred Esters and Johannes Kersjes (50 years). 

The prospective retirees are: Claudia Adler, Manfred Esters, Jochem Fink, Dorle Gläser, Hubert Kersten, Ulrich Roers, Klaus Tempels and Ralf Wedel. 

Depending on how long employees work at Probat, they receive a gold, silver or bronze coffee bean in recognition of their loyalty to the company. 

All Probat employees who have worked for the company for 25 years or more will find their names on a wooden plaque in the company foyer. This is also an expression of the company’s appreciation of the people whose daily work has made the company what it is today: a market leader in coffee processing plant and machinery. 




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