Probat hosts exclusive 150th anniversary reception at NCA Annual Convention 2018

Probat marked its 150th anniversary with a special event for customers and partners during the Annual Convention of the National Coffee Association (NCA) on 16 March  2018.

Earlier this year, Probat rang in its 150th anniversary commemorations with a special celebration dinner for customers and partners at IICF, India’s leading coffee event. The kickoff on the Indian peninsula was followed by a sister event at the NCA’s Annual Convention. Alongside its American subsidiary Probat Inc., German-based Probat invited customers and partners to a reception commemorating 150 years at the Sheraton Hotel in New Orleans where this year's NCA Annual Convention took place. After his opening address, Wim Abbing, CEO Probat, presented the company’s 150th anniversary movie. The film portrait took attendees on a comprehensive trip through 150 years of manufacture of roasting plants and machinery, providing an insight into four generations of family business. “This year is a very special one for Probat, as the company celebrates its 150th anniversary with various events all over the world,” said John Fortin, President Probat Inc. “Within a much shorter but relevant time frame, Probat Inc. has enjoyed very loyal partnerships with its North American customers and thus has made a great contribution to Probat's worldwide success. I would like to specifically thank all our North American customers, partners and friends who took time out of their schedules to help Probat commemorate this significant milestone in its history by attending this reception.” The receptions at the IICF and the NCA Annual Convention are two of a number of milestones, which Probat sets in its anniversary year. The Probat Coffee Symposium ‘Connecting Markets’ is set to be the most remarkable jubilee event. On this occasion, leaders and executives of the international coffee industry will come together at the company’s headquarters in Germany from 19 – 20 September 2018 to share their knowledge with each other. The two-day event will stand out for its thought-provoking keynote speeches and innovative think tanks accompanied by exciting breakout sessions.

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