Probat integrates with Cropster to provide greater roasting intelligence in PIII series


German roasting plant manufacturer Probat and software specialist Cropster have announced a new partnership which will see Probat’s PIII series offering a greater wealth of roasting data.

Probat’s PIII series will now come with Cropster’s Control & Replay assist, meaning customers that already have, or are planning to own a PIII series model, will have access to both Cropster and Probat roasting intelligence.

Probat’s PIII series features three models, the P05, the P12, and the P25. The P05e is the electrically powered version of the P05. All models come equipped with a range of Probat intelligence control systems.

New data includes key measurements for roast profiling with Cropster’s Roasting Intelligence, direct control of machine gas and airflow via the Cropster interface, and an ability to replay roasts using Cropster’s Replay Assist semi-automation, which provides another option besides Probat’s built-in automation.

Customers will also have access to smart predictions for bean temperature, rate of rise, first crack, and flick, that are based on Cropster’s artificial intelligence software.

This integration benefits PIII customers through allowing them to choose between using Probat’s control and automation, or Cropster’s interface and recorded curve replay.

“The Cropster powered controls in the Roasting Intelligence are incredibly helpful as you can change your settings while keeping a precise eye on the curves at the same time,” says Jérémie Vergne of SAS Belco.

SAS Belco is a Cropster partner based in France which imports and distributes green beans.

“On top [of this] I can use Replay assist to make my life easier. It is a perfect version of a semi-automatic function, leaving you in control at any time if you desire,” says Vergne.

Cropster says the goal of its machine manufacturer partnerships is to make the connection to its product simple, with complete features that are stable for all users. Through these partnerships, the software specialist aims to provide more relevant information, reduce distractions during the roasting process and help roasters focus on the coffee.

According to Cropster, says its standardised connectors ensure customers can just plug in a cable, confirm their machine setup, and off they go, with full support from its team.

“One really feels that Cropster and Probat put the customer in the focus with this collaboration,” says Vergne.

“The tight integration gives a roaster access to enormous amounts of data that can immediately be applied and help them become better at what they do. It [creates a] better understanding of the coffee and this is our greatest pleasure.”

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