Probat introduces digital events roadmap for 2021

Probat, the world market leader for coffee processing plants and machinery, has unveiled a series of digital events in 2021 to offer the coffee industry a wide variety of formats for the joint exchange of challenges, solutions, and innovations. The digital roadmap is now available on the company’s website.

With global travel restrictions limiting face-to-face exchanges, Probat says the importance of digital communication channels has increased enormously. For this reason, it has initiated a whole series of digital events in order to continue the regular exchange of information with the coffee industry on the most important trends and challenges and to present approaches to solutions.

The series consists of three different formats: The Pop Up Series, the Heat Series, and Connecting Markets digital. Probat has already been bunding topics related to the speciality coffee roaster scene in the Facebook Live format Pop Up Series since 2020. Furthermore, the roasting machine manufacturer has also created the Heat series to offer large coffee companies from the industrial segment a customised content format.

Another highlight will be the Connecting Markets digital event, from 22 to 24 February. With presentations of the latest forward-looking Probat innovations on environmental, roasting and control technologies, this event will be the company’s most important information hub this year.

All formats have been created primarily against the background of exchanging information with customers about Probat’s latest solution developments.

At the same time, digital customer communication will be strengthened as an integral part of Probat’s overall corporate strategy.

The global society has always been subject to constant change with varying effects on the individual spheres of life. Currently, Probatbat says we are in the phase of digital transformation, accelerated even more by the current coronavirus crisis.

“Digitilisation offers us the opportunity to roll out our topics much faster. Currently, this is the only way to stay in contact with our customers and the industry,” says Jan Molitor, Executive Vice President Marketing at Probat.

“Therefore, we seek this kind of exchange, where we can also present our solutions and ideas for the coffee industry. We are looking forward to it, but also to seeing each other in person again soon.”

During the course of the year, different events will take place every month to discuss relevant topics together with the industry. All sessions are streamed live via the company’s social media channels.There is no registration required. Everyone is invited to actively participate, either directly in the live chat during the streams or by sending questions by email in advance, which the Probat experts will pick up and answer during the respective event.

Those who want to follow the digital roadmap can make a note of the dates in iCal or Outlook:

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