Probat introduces NEPTUNE 1000 drum roaster


Global market and technology leader Probat has announced the next generation of industrial drum roasters.

According to the German-based company, the forward-looking NEPTUNE 1000 is a perfect combination of flexibility and process safety, clad in an innovative hygienic design.

The main focus of the development was on the hygienically safe design of the roaster. The selection of the right materials, and the geometric design of the operating equipment had to be paramount for clean production processes.

“Avoiding contamination of the end product is a key requirement in hygiene-critical production environments,” says Nico Moede, PROBAT Project Development Manager.

“Listening closely to our customers and service engineers was key to developing the innovative hygienic design of the NEPTUNE 1000, which allows for maximum availability.”

The cleaning-friendly design of parts and components, next to the relocated maintenance points, and inspection openings of the NEPTUNE 1000 ensure easy accessibility and service, thus reducing downtimes to a minimum.

With an extended roast time range of six to 20 minutes and a batch size capacity between 110 and 220 kilograms, the new NEPTUNE 1000 provides maximum possibilities in creating recipes for any aroma development from light to highly intense.

Equipped with high-performance cyclones and a recirculation system, the roasting machine also reflects the rapidly growing importance of sustainable processes for the sector.

This drum roaster has an hourly roasting capacity of 1000 kilograms, bridging the gap between the Px 120 and Probat’s next larger NEPTUNE 1500 model with an hourly output of 500 and 1500 kilograms, respectively.

“With its mid-size roasting capacity and high flexibility also in terms of modularity, the NEPTUNE 1000 is the ideal solution for customers who plan to gradually step up their capacities,” says Marco Petry, Probat Area Sales Manager.

The new NEPTUNE 1000 drum roaster will be presented on 18 May 2pm CEST for the first time during a digital launch event on the Probat YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook channels, before it is released to the global market.

For more information on the digital launch, click here.

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