Probat introduces new colour measuring device

The German manufacturer of plants and machinery for the coffee industry, Probat, has released a new machine to assist in the quality control of roast and ground coffee. The most recent addition to the Probat-family of quality control equipment, the Colorette 4, is specifically designed to accurately monitor the degree of roast. This portable and extremely precise control device works according to the principle of reflection measurement, unaffected by ambient light. Its extended functionality, capacitive touch-screen as well as quick and easy calibration allow for highly user-friendly operation.
By means of a stripping device, the coffee sample is prepared and placed at the measuring point of the Colorette 4. It then is illuminated by a clock-pulsed, shining white LED. A sensor captures the reflected light for colour value determination. The result can then be displayed in multiple scales if required. For further processing of the measured values, an Ethernet-port allows for the connection to a local computer or optionally the integration into the Probat Pilot Plant system. A USB interface enables users to save any measuring results on an external storage device. The indication in different scales such as the Colorette colour scale, a device-independent, standardized colour scale and a user-defined colour scale makes it possible to use this unit flexibly and to adapt it to individual requirements.

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