Probat introduces new shop roaster P01


Probat is releasing a limited First Edition of its all-new P01, available to the market at a digital launch event on 18 August at 2pm CEST.

Equipped with the same technical features, the new electrically powered P01 is a miniature version of the larger members of the P series roasters. The web-based control system of the new shop roaster enables the safe and automatic reproduction of all stored settings via recipe management. The roaster’s electric hot-air blower allows for the same flexibility as a gas burner.

“We are thrilled to release the new P01 to the market with this limited First Edition. In terms of functionality, the roaster is on par with the other models in the P series and delivers equally outstanding roasting results. In the Limited-Edition version, the P01 is also the perfect visual match for any roastery that has uniqueness in its DNA,” says Probat Product Manager Julian Pöpping.

To help master roasters get the most out of their coffee beans, the P01 comes standard with various thermocouples and variable drum speed control. With its batch size capacity of one kilogram, the P01 is the ideal choice for grading green bean quality and perfecting small quantities of roasted coffee, offering support in quality control and product development processes.

David Salinas from the Department of Brewology designed all nine machines from three different series, Harvest, Geometric, and Tropical.

According to Probat, all themes revolve around vital steps along the value chain of coffee. David dedicates the three exclusive designs of the Harvest series to the elementary process of picking coffee. The artworks of the Geometric series illustrate the life cycle of coffee with clear lines and meaningful symbols. The Tropical series combines tropical floral elements with graphics depicting typical preparation steps.

“There was a lot to consider when conceptualising the designs. Basically, I wanted them to reflect and celebrate coffee culture holistically. So, all these designs are centred on cultivation, harvesting, and processing and I hope they will serve as a constant visual reminder of our connection with the people who often go unrecognized on the other side of the coffee supply chain,” says Salinas.

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