Probat launches new Proair cooling exhaust air treatment system

Proair cooling exhaust air treatment

Probat, the world market and technology leader for coffee processing plants and machinery, has introduced an energy-saving, high-performance solution for the reduction of odours from cooling exhaust air, specifically catered to the requirements of the coffee industry.

A responsible use of natural resources and the minimisation of pollutant inputs into the environment are in the foreground of Probat’s holistic approach to sustainability. This objective also plays a central role in the development of new environmental technologies. The manufacturer says this results in trend-setting product solutions that guarantee a consistently high coffee quality based on environmentally friendly and energy-saving roasting technologies. The new Proair cooling exhaust air treatment system is the latest addition to Probat’s future-proof product portfolio.

The innovative Proair injector makes odour components no longer perceptible to the human nose, requires only little energy, and is particularly space-saving. It can easily be integrated into the roasting process – while indoor and outdoor installation is possible – and is able to treat airflows of up to 220,000 cubic meters per hour.

For coffee roasting companies, it is becoming more and more of a challenge to comply with regulatory requirements, especially in densely populated areas where authority regulations are particularly stringent also with regard to odorous emissions. In order to meet growing customer demands for a solution to remove these odours from the exhaust air released during the cooling process, Probat partnered up with Aerox, a company with a vast experience in the field of odour reduction. Together they developed the Proair cold plasma injector specifically adapted to the requirements of the coffee industry.

Proair works without the use of regenerative catalytic or thermal oxidation technology, based solely on a non-thermal plasma process. Ambient air is forced through a three-stage filter for purification and a heater for moisture control, before it is passed through a series of cold plasma modules, which split the water and oxygen molecules, transforming them into active oxygen. Inducted into the process air exhaust duct, these so-called free oxygen radicals trigger an odor reduction as soon as they come into contact with the offensive odour molecules of the cooling exhaust air. The resultant oxidised molecules can no longer be detected by the human nose.

Thomas Elshoff, R&D Engineer in charge at Probat, explains why it was high time to introduce this technology to the coffee industry: “In the past the focus was mainly on treating roasting exhaust air. With a shift of regulations also to odour emissions, together with our partner Aerox we developed this solution to help our customers eliminate unwanted odour components from the cooling exhaust air. The Proair injector reduces odour emissions by at least 50 per cent while requiring only little energy and space. With three different sizes and its easy integration into any roasting process, it is the perfect solution for roasteries with medium to large production capacities.”

The official release of Proair takes place on 15 April during the Heat Series session on this new odour reduction solution of PROBAT. The stream can be followed live via the company’s Facebook and YouTube channel where it will be available also afterwards.

To save the date for the HEAT Series session on Proair, please go to HEAT Series session: Proair

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