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Probat launches sustainability strategy

Probat has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions following the publication of its first sustainability report.

The specialist in coffee processing plants and machinery aims to be Net Zero by 2030 with fossil free roasting processes and a new production facility.

Describing the impact of the company’s activities on the environment, society and economy, Probat’s sustainability report for 2022 serves as a status update and detailed roadmap for achieving the target.

Probat CEO Wim Abbing says it is the company’s duty to operate in a sustainable manner as well as foster long term benefits for the coffee sector.

“As a driving force in the coffee industry, we have always seen it as our duty to lead the way with forward-looking decisions that create long-term benefits for our company, our stakeholders and the entire sector,” he says.

“In 2022, these include the establishment of our climate action plan, and particularly the opening of our new production facility, with which we have set an international benchmark in our core markets and sent a clear signal in favour of Emmerich as a business location.

“At the same time, we have worked intensively on the further development of high-performance technologies to promote fossil-free roasting processes and to optimise the potential for reducing emissions and saving energy, especially for our customers.”

The family-owned business is expected to extend its sustainability reporting to all national and international locations of the group to reinforce its commitment for a more sustainable society.

While travel was among the largest CO2 emission sources for Probat in 2022 (flights 23.9 per cent; and commuting employees at 22.4 per cent). Due to the size and complexity of the machines and equipment Probat produces, the presence of experts onsite for assembly, commissioning and maintenance is reported to be essential.

Similarly, the business also prioritises close partnerships with its customers which often requires coordination to identify optimal solutions.

Probat said it is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and has been offsetting its air travel since 2020.

Further analysis by the business has identified opportunities for additional carbon emission reduction with regards to energy and mobility.

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