Probat Px 120 drum roaster

The Px 120 is a unique fusion between sophisticated technology and classic design. It is the perfect choice for roasteries that want a flexible and consistent drum roaster while at the same time showing their customers what they do and how they do it.

Almost every component of the Probat Px 120 drum roaster is completely redesigned and available as 3D data for the creation of a full virtual plant. The roasting system has been optimised by means of computational fluid dynamics analytics to increase coffee quality and energy efficiency. A forward-thinking partial recirculation system allows for 30 per cent less energy consumption while meeting highest operational safety standards. A high-efficiency cyclone ensures effective chaff separation and fast and clean disposal.

With roasting times ranging from six to 20 minutes, a batch size between 60 and 120 kilograms, and a maximum output of 480 kilograms per hour, the Px 120 guarantees consistently high coffee quality and is ideal for midsize capacity requirements.

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