Probat releases next generation Probatino, smallest shop coffee roaster

Probat, has released the next generation of its smallest shop roaster Probatino. The newly launched Probatino comes with various modifications to improve ease of use. A viewing pane in the discharging door enables a visual monitoring of the roasting process. As with the Probatone-series shop roasters, the control panel has been installed on the left side of the machine for more ergonomic use. All operator controls as well as the digital displays for roasting time and temperature are directed to the roast master. Numerous improvements on the cooling sieve design enable more efficient discharging and cleaning. The pipe work has also been modified and inspection doors enlarged for simplified maintenance and installation. With a batch size of roughly 1 kilogram, the Probatino is used in laboratories of large coffee producers and in numerous small-scale specialty coffee roast houses. Green coffee traders similarly rely on the constantly quality and reproducibility of the roasted product. These features are also decisive for the Cup of Excellence organisation, which roasts its coffees on Probatinos worldwide. Probat is a German-based specialist in designing and constructing roasting machines. The new Probatino is available in black/silver and black/brass. For more information visit

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