PROBAT to host Connecting Markets Symposium 2022 at new production facility

Connecting Markets Symposium

Coffee processing technology company PROBAT is celebrating the opening of its new production facility at its Emmerich, Germany site with the next edition of the Connecting Markets Symposium.

The international coffee community is invited to attend the industry event, taking place from 21 to 22 September 2022.

During these two days, leading personalities of the global coffee industry will present and discuss the drivers of digitalisation and sustainability. In combination with interactive Experience Sessions, the event offers participants a platform to exchange ideas and network.

A special highlight and proof of PROBAT’s innovative future orientation will be the presentation of the first hydrogen-powered roaster.

“We make innovation and progress an experience. And we present our answers and solutions to the challenges of the coffee industry to discuss them with the community,” says Wim Abbing, PROBAT CEO.

The opening is a milestone for the company and a clear commitment to the production site in Germany. Participants of the symposium can get an impression of the ‘manufacturing of the future’ in the field of machine and plant engineering for the coffee industry during an interactive tour.

This year’s focus of the symposium is on the challenges and solutions for the industry drivers of sustainability and digitalization.

During panel discussions, PROBAT will bring international experts from a wide range of backgrounds to one stage to share insights and ideas on the industry’s key drivers.

In addition, attendees can experience the innovative solutions, which PROBAT offers for the sustainable and digital design of coffee processing in Experience Sessions.

The symposium intentionally leaves enough room for individual exchange and personal networking.

After a long period without major events, PROBAT says it’s time for the international coffee community to come together in September, discuss the drivers of the industry, and literally connect markets.

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