Probat to host digital launch of new P series shop roasters

German manufacturer Probat will launch its new shop roaster P series on 17 September at 2pm Central Eastern Standard Time with a presentation that takes place entirely on digital media.

The digital launch event will take place on Probat’s YouTube and Facebook channels, where the new P05 III and P12 III roasters will be presented to the international coffee community for the first time.

Probat says specialty coffee roasters have every reason to be excited, as the roasting machine manufacturer has gone to great lengths with preparations for an elaborate demonstration of the inspiring technical features and innovative design highlights of the new P series shop roasters. The digital launch will be a mixed bag of multimedia content topped off by a roasting session on the new P05 and an interactive Q&A with Probat Shop Roaster Trainer Daniela Nowitzki and Head of Sales Shop Roaster Jens Roelofs.

Probat CEO Wim Abbing also looks very much forward to the launch.

“We are thrilled to be able to present this new generation of highly innovative shop roasters, especially in trying times like these. For sure, we would have preferred to showcase it either in Portland or Warsaw, but unfortunately this is not possible right now,” Wim says.

“Therefore, we are pleased all the more to have managed to set up this great digital launch of the new P series which should not be missed by any coffee enthusiast around the world.”

The new P05 and P12 stand out thanks to “perfected constructive characteristic” wrapped in an new take on the iconic Probat design. Probat says this combination takes them to the highest level in terms of usability, energy efficiency, and ergonomics.

Next to other inspiring technical features, the P05 and P12 are equipped with a forward-looking intelligent control system, which delivers a precise roasting experience for optimum flavour development. The familiar silhouette of the new roasters was slightly reshaped, now adding that extra vintage touch. To meet individual preferences, various customisation options are available to make the new P05 and P12 even more unique.

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