Production of 4C Compliant Coffee triples in 1 year

The quantity of 4C Compliant Coffee has tripled to over 7.5 million bags for the 2012 – 13 period, according to the latest figures released by the 4C Association. Up from 2.5 million bags produced in 2011 – 2012, this significant increase demonstrates the trend towards sustainable production, says the 4C Association.  “This is a remarkable achievement. From farmers through to roasters and retailers, 4C members have been working hard to improve their practices towards sustainability,” said Chairman of the 4C Council, Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa, in a statement. The 4C Association is a pre competitive platform that is implementing an entry-level standard. “The growth in both the supply and demand of 4C Compliant Coffee is a distinct indicator of the importance of the 4C Association to advance good economic, social and environmental practices across the coffee industry,” added Waggwa Nsibirwa in the statement. Key producer origins such as Brazil, Vietnam, Honduras, Columbia, Peru and Indonesia produced a large quantity of this coffee.

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