Fruits can have an impact on mood, from the health boost of nutrients and antioxidants to vibrant colours and taste, not to mention powerful symbolism.

Fruity beverages have greater opportunity than what can be imagined. With more than 250,000 beverages launched every year across the Asia and Australia Food Service channel, fruit is the number one beverage category.

DaVinci Gourmet unveils the secret to #PumpUpTheMood with fruit, an exclusive campaign designed for cafés and F&B outlets to boost their consumers’ moods.

It includes new natural fruit flavours predicted by DaVinci Gourmet’s proprietary artificial intelligence tool Trendspotter, industry-forward yet easy recipes developed by its Flavour Geniuses across Asia Pacific and the Middle-East, and off and online tools ready to apply for businesses.

Fruit has a special meaning to people. DaVinci Gourmet believes this will be a fun, vibrant campaign, and a great way to celebrate the flavours and benefits of fruits.

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