Quamar details its product line


Quamar began its journey in Italy in 2000 as a local artisanal production company, later focusing on the production of high-quality professional coffee grinders.

“Our craftsmanship forms the foundation of our work. We believe this quality, which distinguishes Quamar’s production commitment, significantly impacts the company’s reliability. The attention to detail and precision in each product makes every piece unique. It’s a concept only artisanal quality can guarantee,” says Quamar Commercial Director Angelo Ceola.

Ceola says the creation of NEMO-Q, Quamar’s coffee grinder from its domestic line, has allowed the company to complete its range of models.

“We believe the introduction of this product allows domestic customers to better appreciate the value and type of coffee. It has been well-received both in Italy and abroad as an accessible and versatile product, available in various colours, including two-tone options suitable for various kitchen designs. It’s really become a popular item,” he says.

According to Ceola, in addition to innovative coffee grinders, Quamar’s strength lies in its range of accessories, which are designed to enhance the barista’s work and be accessible to all.

“Newton 250Q, launched at HostMilano in 2023, is our automatic tamper that offers double tamping and the option to change the tamper diameter between 58 and 53 millimetres, following customer needs,” he says.

“Q20, our automatic portafilter cleaner, is available in two different tube lengths or a bag version, also with an alternative brush diameter. It’s innovative, functional, and quiet.”

Ceola says Quamar will launch a new line of professional products in the near future.

“The new model, currently in development with an upcoming release date, will be highly adaptable and innovative both in terms of production and technology. Our idea is to make it accessible to everyone,” he says.

“The world of coffee grinder production is increasingly focused on detail, as well as technology and innovation. What Quamar is planning, in addition to what the market already demands, is the customisation of a product based on the type of customer. Following our customers’ needs is our priority.”

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