Quarantine coffees helped De’Longhi make US3.6 billion in 2021


In a year when millions of people around the world changed how they lived and worked in their homes, De’Longhi has emerged as one of the big winners of 2021.

A preliminary report has shown extraordinary growth over the last 12 months for the company, hitting a record €3.2 billion (about US$3.6 billion).

This result reflects “the preference given to consumers by our brands”, says CEO Massimo Garavaglia, “in a context of a deep-rooted change in lifestyles at home.”

In other words, with a significant portion of the world stuck in their houses, the competition to provide high-quality, reliable and easy coffees to former commuters has been fierce.

The company is showing double-digit growth in full-automatic and manual coffee machine sales.

De’Longhi’s partnership with Nespresso has also proved to be extremely profitable, driving strong growth across their entire coffee segment.

Providing a custom range of Nespresso-compatible machines for home use, the two companies have struck the right note with consumers.

The major obstacle for all home-good companies in 2021 was of course global shipping and supply-chain issues.

De’Longhi’s initial report credits investment and expansion in production with managing those issues, offering some possible lessons for other market-leaders in navigating a highly volatile global sector.

For more information, visit the De’Longhi website.

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