Rainforest Alliance responds to EU deforestation commitment

Rainforest Alliance has welcomed a renewed commitment from the European Union to reduce deforestation and forest degradation. Rainforest Alliance says as one of the most active consumer zones in the world responsible for about 10 per cent of the global impact on tropical forests, the EU is on the right track to halt deforestation through political, financial, and technical support for tropical forested countries. “Deforestation and forest degradation are driven, at least in part, by consumption habits in developed countries, many of which are in the EU,” says Henriette Walz, Deforestation Lead for Rainforest Alliance. “The EU correctly identifies changing agricultural consumption patterns and partnering with producing countries to improve forest governance as tackling the root caused to deforestation. Both transparency on voluntary no-deforestation commitments and exploring regulatory measures are key steps to driving out deforestation from the EU imports by 2030. The Rainforest Alliance is ready to assist companies and government in making their commitments a reality.” The EU communication outlines five priorities with a comprehensive set of actions. The Rainforest Alliance particularly welcomes the exploration of further regulatory measures on imported deforestation, establishment of a new multi-stakeholder platform on deforestation and forest degradation, and the focus on partnering with producer countries to scale up improved land governance.

Rainforest Alliance also called for strengthened traceability and transparency.

“This is an important step, but it is only one step towards the comprehensive action we need to see,” Rainforest Alliance CEO Han de Groot. “The EU must energise and empower its constituents to translate these commitments into concrete action. No less than the fate of the world’s forests is at stake.”

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