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Rancilio Grindtec unveils its newest grinding solutions


Rancilio Grindtec has announced it will be releasing its new Kryo Evo and Stile on-demand dosing grinders, which is the brand’s next step in Rancilio Group’s technological research and innovative grinding solutions.

The new professional dosing grinders from the Kryo Evo series are suitable for all types of grinding and meet the different needs of professionals working throughout the world of coffee.

It is available in three different colours — black, white, and red — all with 64 millimetres flat grinders that are made of treated ThermoSteel.

The Kyro Evo is able to withstand intense workloads over long term, thanks to the quality of the materials and the longevity of the grinders. Manual adjustment of the grinding degree can be done via the ring nut on the front.

The Kyro Evo 65 OD is the on-demand version with three programmable doses, either single, double, and custom doses with up to 30 seconds. With a grind speed of 3.5 seconds, the display and navigation keys can be used to access the Kryo Evo 65 OD settings menu and adjust the time and program doses.

It also features anti-static technology that controls the outlet of the ground coffee while minimising clumping, ensuring an even distribution of the coffee in the portafilter.

The Kyro Evo 65 OD also has a practical, height-adjustable Hands-Free fork that allows users to attach any type of portafilters — including bottomless ones — that can start grinding with a simple touch.

The new Kryo Evo dosing grinders will go into production in February 2022.

The Rancilio Grintec Stile is designed for home and coffee shops with an ultra-compact on-demand dosing grind that guarantees precise grinding and dosing for every type of coffee preparation.

Available in black, white, and stainless steel, the Stile is suitable for all types of locations and different consumption situations. It has 58-millimetre flat steel grinders and an average output of 1.5 grind speed based on espresso.

The touchscreen can be used to program two doses, single and double, or a third dose can also be saved with the continuous button. By turning the continuous ring nut on both sides of the dosing grinder, baristas can easily fine-tune the grinding degree.

As well as the dose icons, the touchscreen also features a stopwatch showing the time of the last brew and two alert icons indicating when the coffee hopper is not properly fitted to the dosing grinder and when it is time to replace the grinders.

Stile comes with a 0.3-kilogram bean hopper and, similarly to the Kyro Evo 65 OD also has a height-adjustable Hands-Free fork. With this, users can easily attach any type of portafilter to the dosing grinder and collect freshly ground coffee directly in the filter.

The new Stile dosing grinder will go into production in April 2022.

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