Rancilio Group joins ‘Adopt a Tree’ initiative

rancilio tree initiative

Italian coffee manufacturer Rancilio Group plans to plant 100 trees in the Valera Forest as part of the ‘Adopt a Tree’ initiative.

Groane Park promoted the initiative, which aims to enrich the forests and heritage of selected areas between Monza-Brianza and the Province of Milan.

The active involvement of children and families fuels the project, as it encourages them to spend their time outdoors and reconnect with nature.

‘Adopt a Tree’ was organised in conjunction with Rancilio Day, where employees of the company invite their families to learn about Rancilio’s operations.

Each family that participated received a personalised certificate with the location of where their tree will be planted.

Rancilio Group says the initiative is a tangible commitment to protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable lifestyle for generations to come.

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