Rancilio Group launches new products at HostMilano 2023

Rancilio Group

Rancilio Group has unveiled the Egro MoDe fully automatic coffee machine at HostMilano 2023.

The Egro MoDe fully automatic coffee machine was made for all hospitality industry venues that cater for average consumption of approximately 150 to 180 cups per day, and for those who want to prepare quality beverages based on coffee, fresh milk, and powders.

It is available in three versions, Pure Coffee, Quick Milk, and Pro Milk, and can be configured with different milk systems and fridges, add-ons, payment systems and options.

Egro MoDe will go into production starting from mid-October 2023.

The Rancilio Grindtec Bond professional on-demand coffee grinder was designed for large international chains and coffee shops with high consumption.

The company’s Grindtec Kryo Elite 65 OD model was also shown off at the expo. The grinder provides baristas with a smart grinding adjustment system (SAS) that automatically regulates the grinding time each time the grain size changes, ensuring consistent doses.

With a productivity of four grams per second, Kryo Elite 65 OD is the on-demand version with three programmable doses: single, double and custom (up to 30 seconds).

Finally, the Rancilio Stile on-demand dose grinder was unveiled, crafted for consumers who place a great deal of importance on the quality of the coffee they make at home.

The grinder’s touchscreen features a stopwatch showing the time of the last dose dispensed and two alert icons indicating when the coffee hopper is not properly fitted to the doser grinder and when it is time to replace the grinders.

Rancilio hopes that the Stile can help users recreate café-quality coffee from wherever they are.

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