Reborn Coffee joins forces with KIB Plug Energy Korea

national coffee day

Reborn Coffee has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a strategic investment of US$5 million from KIB Plug Energy Korea.

Through the investment, the companies hope to combine coffee services with electric vehicle charging stations.

“The MOU with KIB Plug Energy Korea showcases our deep commitment to innovation and sustainability,” says Reborn Coffee CEO Jay Kim.

“This investment marks a significant phase in our growth strategy, allowing Reborn Coffee to enhance its current offerings and pave the way for future development.”

Reborn Coffee hopes to serve electric vehicle drivers by providing accessible coffee at KIB Plug Energy Korea’s charging stations.

“Integrating EV charging stations into our coffee services is a thoughtful approach that broadens our service portfolio and responds to the rising demand for sustainable and convenient options among environmentally aware consumers,” says Kim.

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