Registration open for SCA Sensory Forum

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) will host a new event designed especially for the experienced coffee tasting professional in Seoul, Korea from 28 to 29 August, 2018. This two-day event will feature a wide variety of scientific concepts in coffee, each one explained through a lens of sensory impact. Every workshop will feature hands-on sensory experiences, allowing attendees to train their palates, expand their sensory skills, and learn from the best in the international coffee community. The Forum will include a deep session on the science of Sensory Descriptive Analysis and its relation to the SCA Flavour Wheel, the sensory impacts of coffee processing and the new “Q” Processing Certificate, new scientific research into coffee extraction being performed at University of California at Davis, and the sensory impacts of water chemistry along with sessions aimed at expanding the sensory vocabulary of the coffee taster using a variety of foods and wines. Speakers and sessions include: Carla Martin, Executive Director of Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute, speaking about chocolate tasting and cacao grading for coffee professionals. Peter Giuliano, Chief Research Officer of the Specialty Coffee Association, speaking on the science behind the flavour wheel and brewing control chart. Kadi Koppel, Assistant Professor of Kansas State University, on hosting a sensory descriptive analysis workshop using references Krude C.H Lin, Principal Investigator, Taiwan Coffee Laboratory on sensory impact of coffee processing William Ristenpart, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Directory of the UC Davis Coffee Center, on physical and sensory measures of coffee extraction Dr. Hoby Wedler, CEO and Lead Designer at Senspoint Design, talking on wine sensory analysis for the coffee professional, and Trish Rothgeb, Co-Founder and Roaster at Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, hosting a sensory descriptive analysis workshop on describing coffees. For more information and to register attendance, click here.

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