Registrations open for inaugural Long Miles Burundi Private Collection Auction

Long Miles Burundi Private Collection Auction

Long Miles Coffee (LMC), in partnership with The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) and M-Cultivo, has announced its upcoming Long Miles Burundi Private Collection Auction, taking place on 22 December at 9:00 a.m. EST. The auction will feature sixteen specialty coffees from twelve unique hills located in the Kayanza and Muramvya Provinces of Burundi.

The processes available will include Fully Washed, Natural, Anaerobic Honey, and Anaerobic Natural. Each coffee will be individually selected and offered for bid at the Long Miles Burundi Private Collection Auction.

“M-Cultivo’s platform has supported in verifying the traceability and impact of LONG MILES COFFEE over the last two harvest seasons. We are thrilled to highlight that work through an auction, demonstrating the quality coffee and the quality team we have the pleasure of working with,” says David Paparelli, Founder and CEO of M-Cultivo.

Darrin Daniel, Executive Director of ACE and Cup of Excellence says the proposition of working with Long Miles exhibits its interest in growing partnerships with like-minded companies and organisations.

“We are humbled to be working within Burundi to continue our work in coffee excellence. Long Miles is focused on the same goals as ACE,” says Daniel.

According to LMC co-founder Kristy Carlson, coffee production is a combined effort that takes into account the needs of coffee farmers and the needs of the roasters LMC works with worldwide.

“When you trust us with a coffee order, not only do you get a thoughtfully produced coffee, you directly impact our coffee farming communities,” says Carlson.

LMC Scouts are a team of thirty young Burundians who are budding agronomists and live among the farmers where coffee is grown. Together, with a team of LMC professional agronomists, they provide farmers with year-round agricultural assistance and provide innovative and home-grown solutions to fight the threat of the potato defect, mitigate the effects of climate change on soil health, and empower farmers with the tools they need to provide quality coffee year upon year.

“Having these Coffee Scouts provide our farmers with the tools and knowledge they need to grow high-quality coffee cherries is our differentiator. They keep us learning, they keep us growing, they make us a family,” says Joy Mavugo, LMC’s Chief Storyteller and Farmer Ambassador.

Registration for the auction is currently open. To learn more or to register, visit

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