Results announced from International Coffee Tasting Asia 2017

The eleventh edition of International Coffee Tasting took place in the city of Guangzhou, China on 4 and 5 December, 2017. All told, 162 coffees from nine countries (Australia, Canada, China, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, Taiwan and Thailand) took part in this edition. The judges were 28 tasters of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC), all Asian professionals. Iiac member of the board and Director of this year’s event Carlo Odello had this to say, “As always, International Coffee Tasting applies the strictest tasting and scoring methods, with a minimum threshold for a medal and up to a 30 per cent cut-down of the competitors. We can observe significant qualitative growth in the coffees produced in the new Asian markets and a positive affirmation of those Italian coffees which manage to balance structure and aromatic richness”. The Asian market is probably the largest coffee laboratory in the world right now. Mr Odello added that, “The vast majority of the countries in the area are tea-based cultures; light roasting with fruity, floral and acid notes can satisfy the palate of the new consumers. Espresso, including the Italian one, is playing an increasingly important role, especially as a base for milk-based drinks, much loved in this part of the world. Pure espresso is a cult for a few connoisseurs”.
List of the Gold Medals by category and in alphabetical order.
• China, Beijing Edyd Trade Co. Ltd, Ej Coffee Ethiopia Hanbelle G1
• Korea, Café Waan, Amore
• Taiwan, Cama Coffee Inc., Golden Mandheling And Brazil Blend
• Korea, Coffea Syndrome, Yirgacheffe
• Korea, Croc & Coffee, Khk
• Taiwan, Cama Coffee Inc., Cama Breakfast Blend 1
• Taiwan, Cama Coffee Inc., Cama House Blend (HB)
• Italy, Torrefazione Paranà S.r.l., Miscela Espresso Italiano in Monodose
• Italy, Torrefazione San Salvador S.r.l., Capsule San Salvador
• Italy, Angelo Morettino S.r.l., Caffè Morettino Reserve 100% Arabica
• Italy, Apulia Vending S.r.l., Caffè Morola Oro
• Italy, Caffè Fantino di Fantino Paolo & C. S.a.s., Start Miscela Bar Biologica 100% Arabica
• Italy, Dacatè S.r.l., Golden Brasil Coffee in Black
• Italy, Diemme Industria Caffè Torrefatti S.p.a., Miscela Oro
• Italy, Errepi S.r.l., Subito
• Italy, Taurocaf di Alberto & Anzola S.n.c., Caffè Alberto Miscela Pappagallo Rosso
• Italy, Taurocaf di Alberto & Anzola S.n.c., Caffè Alberto Miscela Pappagallo Oro
• Italy, Torrefazione Caffe Roen di Sergio Bendinelli, Espresso Bendinelli 100% Arabica Gourmet
• Italy, Torrefazione Caffe Roen di Sergio Bendinelli, Caffè Roen 100% Arabica
• Italy, Torrefazione Saturno Notti Pietro & C. S.r.l., Miscela di caffè “1 Bar Super”
• China, Beijing Edyd Trade Co. Ltd, Ej Coffee Select Blend Espresso
• China, C•Taipei, M9 Coffee Blend
• Taiwan, Café Bank, Emperor Seal
• Korea, Coffee Bang-A, Red Orange
• Korea, Coffee Bang-A, Rainbow
• Taiwan, Da Vinci Creative International Company Ltd., Colnago Blend
• Spain, Grupo Dromedario S.a., Dromedario Especial Espresso
• China, Guangzhou City Bai Li Fresh Food Co. Ltd, Semi-Automatic Coffee
• China, Guangzhou City Bai Li Fresh Food Co. Ltd, Moka Coffee
• China, Hainan Wancup Food Co. Ltd., Wancup Green Label Espresso
• Taiwan, Hsieh Ming Wei, Angel Coffee
• Thailand, K.V.N. Import Export (1991) Co. Ltd., Amabile Blend (Aroma Brand)
• Canada, Milano Coffee Ltd., Concept #9
• Canada, Milano Coffee Ltd., Silk Lili
• Korea, Orosy Coffee, Orosy-Dal
• Korea, Orosy Coffee, Shining Rosy
• China, Replus Coffee Co. Ltd, Carter Espresso Coffee
• Taiwan, Saki Café, Saki Espresso
• China, Seng Pan Food Company Limited, Aden Blend
• China, Shanghai Jinzhan Food Management Co. Ltd., Mask Coffee
• China, Shanghai Jinzhan Food Management Co. Ltd., Lady Coffee
• Taiwan, T Champion Coffee Company, Blackcat In Tango
• Taiwan, Tsun-Wu Liu, Etude
• China, Wahshing Coffee Limited, Sunshine Blend
• China, Wahshing Coffee Limited, Blooming Season
• China, Wahshing Coffee Limited, Espresso
• Taiwan, Yao Wen Chang, Super Sweet Poetry
• China, Yu Zuo Zhi International Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, Tjc Classical Formula

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