With an hourly capacity of 1000 kilograms of green coffee per hour, the RoastMaster240 is the latest and biggest addition in the Buhler RoastMaster product family.

The drum is designed for the best possible interaction between hot air and beans, guaranteeing a homogeneous roast. Whether the user prefers air recirculation or open system configuration, a fully variable burner and air flow provide the process flexibility to get the best out the beans.

The multi-step profile process control system with user-friendly human-machine interface includes monitoring, reporting, and recipe management, and assures operational excellence in production. The extra-large cooling tray allows for rapid and homogeneous cooling of roasted beans.

Customised solutions for feeding, product discharge, emission control, as well as safe water supply complete the system and make it the new heart and soul of a high-performing coffee factory.

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