Sandalj Trading Company introduces coffee grown by Colombian women

Sandalj Trading Company is collaborating with the Association of Women Coffee Growers of Cauca to produce Colombian Women’s Coffee. Part of its Woman’s Coffee Project, Sandalj’s coffee is cultivated from farms run exclusively by women. The green bean imported is working with women in the Cauca region to foster sustainability through gender equality. The objectives of the program are to increase farmer access to education, healthcare and housing. “Beneath the fine aroma of an espresso cup, there can be difficult work and life conditions for coffee producing communities,” said Enrico Venuti, CEO of the Trieste-based company. “We hope that this program can increase the quality of life of the farmer’s children and extended families, whilst developing and improving their processing techniques to produce higher quality and progressively more environmentally sustainable coffee which they can demand a premium for.” The handpicked Castillo cherries are grown in full-sun in the Caucan municipality of Inza, at an altitude of 1820 metres above sea level. They are then washed and sun-dried. “With captivating sweetness, this espresso cup offers introductory aromas of red berries tinged with orange marmalade and cocoa,” said Head of Quality at Sandalj, Edy Bieker. “These are followed by nuances of caramel and almonds that then develop into a surprising aftertaste of pineapple in syrup.” Bieker said that purchasing a batch of Colombian Women’s Coffee fosters female social equality and promotes sustainability. “With this philosophy in mind, the company’s most recent project involves establishing a direct relationship with female coffee producers in the Cauca region,” said Bieker. The Colombian Women's Coffee made its debut at Host and will soon be available in Europe.

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