SCA adds two candidates to Board of Directors election

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has added two more candidates to its 2019-2020 SCA Board of Directors election. Mbula Musau, Founder and Director of Utake Coffee in Nairobi, Kenya, and Seongil Choi of Choi Coffee Company in Seoul, Korea, have joined the SCA Board’s six candidates nominated for the election. According to the SCA bylaws, anyone the SCA Board does not select to be on the slate may petition to be added to the ballot. Both Mbula and Choi received more than 100 signatures during the petition period, making them eligible for the election. Previously announced nominees include Asli Yaman of Kimma Coffee Roasters, Pamela Chng of Bettr Barista, Katie Booser of Bellwether Coffee, Khalid Al Mulla of Easternmen Trading, Vava Angwenyi of Vava Coffee, and Vera Espindola Rafael of the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food in Mexico. This is the first election to take place at board level since the unification of the Specialty Coffee Association of America and Specialty Coffee Association of Europe in 2017. When elections open on 1 November, all eligible voting members of the SCA will choose six of the eight candidates to join the SCA Board of Directors. The members elected to serve on the 2019-2020 SCA Board will serve a two-year term running from 1 January, 2019 to 31 December, 2020. SCA Board member responsibilities include the strategic and fiduciary oversight of the SCA, to serve on at least one SCA Advisory Council as a chair or co-chair, and attend and actively participate in board of director meetings. Participating in the SCA as a director is a volunteer position. It is required that an SCA Director be an eligible voting member of the Association.

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