SCA and Square report reveals American coffee habits

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and Square have released the United States Square Coffee Report for 2018. Retail data in the US shows that the latte is the most popular coffee drink among Americans, with more than 67 million lattes sold in the past year. “We are thrilled to share these insights, ultimately helping independent shops make their businesses more sustainable, allowing them to focus on the quality and community they provide each day,” SCA Chief Research Officer Peter Giuliano says. “The independent coffee shop is an integral part of so many neighbourhoods. It’s a space where communities come together. But with that independence comes the unique challenges of running a small business, while seeking to make coffee more sustainable from the farmer to the barista. In order to achieve both, information is critical.” The report also noticed trends of consumers replacing iced coffee with cold brew, and switching from almond to oat milk. Oat milk sales have increased 425 per cent since June 2017. The reports projects that oat milk may soon surpass almond milk as the preferred dairy alternative. Almond milk remains the most popular alternative milk at coffee shops across the US, with consistent sales in the past year. The Australian flat white has grown more popular in the US, with sales increasing 41 per cent in the past year. The Spanish cortado also grew in popularity, with sales increasing 36 per cent over the past year. Alaska is home to the highest-tipping coffee drinkers in the country, giving their baristas on average, a 17.5 per cent tip, six per cent higher than the national average. New Jersey gave the smallest tips, 7.5 per cent on average. The average price of a latte in America is US$4.15. North Dakota is home to the most expensive lattes, with an average price of US$4.45, while Idaho is the most affordable state, with an average price of US$3.49. On average, Americans request two add-ons to their customised coffee order. The three states with the most complicated drink orders are Hawaii, North Dakota and New Hampshire.

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