SCA announces third free-to-attend virtual event

Coffee Retail Summit

Following the success of the first and second Coffee Retail Summit events in 2021, the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has announced the third virtual event of its kind, continuing a line of retailer-focused programming and content.

This free-to-attend event will be delivered virtually with three days of presentations, lectures, and panel discussions on 21, 23, and 25 February 2022.

“As we begin a new year full of promise and uncertainty, the SCA wishes to continue its work in supporting coffee retail businesses who are so vital to our communities, our cities, and the international coffee industry,” says SCA CEO Yannis Apostolopolous.

“Coffee Retail Summit 2022 will of course address some of the challenges that lie ahead but will also provide vital information to those wishing to expand their businesses on an international scale as well as provide insights unique to the markets of Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific; further fostering the conversations, shared learning, and expansion of the global coffee retail community.”

SCA says the Coffee Retail Summit 2022 will explore how coffee retail businesses can use their unique position as hubs for connection, learning, and personal expression to overcome obstacles, adapt, and grow.

This summit’s topics will include insights for companies considering international expansion, profiles of brands using new technology to deepen their in-person and digital relationships with customers, and strategies for building a healthy workplace culture during the ‘great resignation’, among other topics chosen for their community impact potential and market relevance.

Each day of Coffee Retail Summit 2022 will focus on a different region and feature a set of speakers with experience in the markets they will be discussing.

The summit will commence on Monday 21 February, with a day examining the European market, followed by a day focused on the United States market on Wednesday 23 February and concluding with a day centred on the retail landscape in Korea on Friday 25 February.

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