SCA launches new membership model


The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) will introduce the first major overhaul to its membership program in decades. The new model will focus on providing value and connectivity to the growing international community, enhanced features for companies, and new pricing structure.

“The specialty coffee industry is growing and so are we. But it’s not just about getting bigger, it’s about getting better. If we want to make coffee better, everyone in our coffee ecosystem should have opportunities to connect with one another, tools, research, resources, and more,” says Yannis Apostolopoulos, CEO of the SCA.

Companies and individuals interested in accessing SCA content, research, standards, education, and its community will have access to a powerful new platform that will provide a personalised experience for each user. A company will be able to connect all staff to its account and provide custom education pathways across SCA programs.

Individual membership will include two models — an associate member and a professional member. The associate member is a free membership tier, available for individuals interested in participating in SCA events, education, and competitions, and for those seeking access to resources, standards, or Guild selection.

A professional membership category at US$100 will give members voting rights and additional promotional benefits.

This new model intends to increase the SCA’s reach and engagement, bringing the value of its research, standards, and programming to the growing international community. It also furthers the SCA’s commitment to foster global coffee communities to support thriving, sustainable, and equitable activity for the entire value chain.

The new model will roll out later in 2024. Those with questions about their current membership, or interested in the new model, can get in touch directly at

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