SCA seeking applications for WCC Competitions Strategic Committee

World of Coffee

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is now accepting applications for the World Coffee Championships Strategic Committee (CSC).

Positions are currently available on the overall CSC strategy group as well as the competition-specific rules and regulations sub-committees.

The CSC is a volunteer leadership group with wide-ranging experience of competitions and the industry, that collaborates on initiatives to foster and support the competition community and keep the World Coffee Championships (WCC) moving forward.

The volunteers will serve a two-year commitment to support the evolution of the WCC. Participants must attend two meetings per month and a full-day meeting in September, either in-person or remote.

Applications are open until 8 January, with successful applicants informed in mid to late January.

The CSC is seeking a wide cross-section of experiences, geographies, and backgrounds amongst specialty coffee.

WCE competitions recognise professional excellence, work towards accessibility for all, and highlights the team effort it takes to create and serve specialty coffee.

To apply, click here.

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