SCAA creates Director of Sustainability role

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) has announced the appointment of Kim Elena Ionescu in its new Director of Sustainability role.  Ionescu has been working in coffee for more than 11 years, starting off as a barista and becoming a Coffee Buyer and Sustainability Manager for Counter Culture Coffee in North Carolina. “We are faced with enormous challenges to the sustainability of coffee, from climate change to population pressure in coffee-producing communities,” said Ionescu. “But we have never been in a better position to effect change than we are now.” Ionescu has been a member of the SCAA Sustainability Council since 2013 as well as a three-time SCAA Symposium speaker. She says she thinks the coffee industry has the potential to set new standards for sustainability in agriculture. “Individuals, companies and member organisations are testing ideas and exploring new territory every day, and if we can harness that energy to work collectively, coffee can be a leader in sustainability,” says Ionescu. The SCAA said the creation of the new role is a reflection of its commitment to increase its sustainability efforts. “Kim will bring leadership and vision to the association’s programs and a deep sense of commitment to our industry’s sustainability related issues,” said Ric Rhinehart, SCAA Executive Director. “She has a breadth of perspective and experience that will not only directly benefit our members, but the industry at large.”

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