SCAE and SCAA join together to create UAE National Chapter

The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) have come together in a bid to create a joint National Chapter in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). SCAE Executive Director David Veal presented the joint venture model in a meeting of representatives from both associations and local industry insiders at the Gulfood trade exhibition in Dubai.
The 29 attendees unanimously voted in favour of a UAE chapter comprising both SCAE and SCAA members. “The SCAE and the SCAA have been looking at a number of ways they can more closely align and work together,” Stefan Graack, CEO of Karam Foods and proposed board member of the Dubai National Chapter told GCR Magazine. “We have been looking at ways of establishing a specialty coffee association in the region and we were determined to do so with the support of two of the coffee industry’s leading associations.” Graack said the next step is to work with the Dubai Government to get approval from the Chamber of Commerce (COC). “There are a number of local procedures that need to be followed but we are feeling quite confident,” said Graack. “The UAE is unique in terms of its close proximity to East Africa, Asia and Europe – we have the capacity to do a lot of good for this large coffee growing region.” The proposed association will be the first official specialty coffee chapter in the region, as well as being the first joint chapter between the SCAE and SCAA. The proposed national chapter will meet over the next few weeks to establish who will sit on the board of directors should the COC accept the UAE chapter. “There exists huge opportunities for every part of the coffee industry in Dubai,” said Graack. “We hope the creation of the board can help shape and grow the specialty industry.”

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