SCAE veterans announce formation of new company Coffee Origin Trips

European coffee industry veterans Colin Smith and David Veal have announced the formation of a new company, Coffee Origin Trips, to facilitate travel to producing countries for coffee professionals and enthusiasts. Smith says the service is intended for those who want to broaden their coffee knowledge and education, experience the producing end of the coffee value chain, meet farmers, and source new coffees. “There is such a demand for visiting origin,” Smith says. “We are looking forward to fulfilling that demand by giving our fellow coffee professionals the opportunity to broaden their experience. We are particularly excited about taking first-time origin trippers because, as we all know, the first trip to coffee origin is undoubtedly a life enhancing, if not life changing, experience.” Smith is a founding member and Past President of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). Veal formerly served as the SCAE’s Executive Director, and acted as Executive Ambassador for the Specialty Coffee Association after the SCAE merged with its American counterpart in 2017. Smith says Coffee Origin Trips is a continuation of the work he did for many years with the SCAE, leading more than twenty trips to different origin countries. Smith and Veal say they are already planning a full programme for 2019, starting with Honduras in February, with other trips to South America, Africa, and Indonesia planned for later in the year. For more information, visit, or email or

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