Schaerer announces World of Coffee plans

Swiss coffee machine manufacturer Schaerer will spotlight its Schaerer Barista fully automatic coffee machine at World of Coffee in Berlin, Germany from 6 to 8 June. “The espresso machine chimes with the zeitgeist in the industry at the moment. It helps restaurateurs to celebrate barista-style coffee culture – in terms of appearance, technology and skills. At the same time, they can count on exceptionally easy operation and maximum process reliability,” says Sarah Ognibeni, Head of Marketing and Coffee Competence Centre at Schaerer. Shaerer says the Schaerer Barista combines the principles of a portafilter machine and skills of a barista with the easy operation and process reliability of a fully automatic coffee machine. Read more:
• The Schaerer Barista All the operator has to do is insert the portafilter and select the desired beverage. At the same time, traditional steps such as knocking out the coffee puck or frothing the milk – manually or automatically – provide the typical sounds heard in the traditional process of using a portafilter machine. For milk-based beverages, milk can be frothed manually or at the touch of a button on the Schaerer Barista display. Baristas can preset all relevant parameters individually to get the best out of a particular roast coffee blend. Co-workers can then access this profile to ensure that coffee is prepared consistently to the same standards by every employee. Two integrated grinders allow for two types of bean to be used, with the option of adding extra recipes for beans in external grinders if desired.

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