Schaerer Barista

Combining the craftsmanship and aesthetics of a portafilter machine with the simple operation and process reliability of a fully automatic coffee machine, the Schaerer Barista has been living up to this standard since it was launched. From coffee bars to Italian restaurants, the machine is helping restaurant owners create the perfect environment for coffee culture, both visually and technically, while also providing consistent quality.

In order to better unite customised requirements and efficiency, the Schaerer Barista is being supplemented to include extension and adaptation options. While the grinding level and brewing time are automatically monitored and independently readjusted as needed, the second optional Supersteam quickly prepares milk foam creations of consistent quality with its fully automated technology. The new external bean hoppers are particularly interesting for places with high beverage output. With a capacity of more than one kilogram per hopper, consistent operation without constant refilling is ensured, even if there is a high volume of guests. Individuality is also considered in the design, which is why many external parts can be covered in colourful foil.

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