Schaerer Coffee Competence Centre on creating the perfect coffee


Monika Oeggerli, Schaerer Coffee Competence Centre (CCC) trainer has released a digital manual titled “The Perfect Setting”, which shows how to create the ideal coffee beverage from bean to cup.

“Having a very good coffee machine is not enough to serve delicious coffee. Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong on the way to complete coffee enjoyment,” says Oeggerli.

“I am pleased that, with the new manual, we can now support our customers and partners even more in serving their guests the perfect cup of coffee.”

The Schaerer CCC is an education hub that aims to support its customers and partners through its expertise in coffee preparation and machine setting. This training extends from within the CCC’s modern training facilities at its headquarters in Zuchwil to its customers’ and partner’s sites.

“Only when hoteliers and restaurateurs are able to optimally set their coffee machines can they provide their guests with complete coffee enjoyment,” Schaerer says.

In the first section of the manual, how to create the perfect coffee beverage is broken down step by step with examples and practical tips. The guide recommends going through each step with a Schaerer technician or partner to answer these questions.

Step one relates to the desired flavour profile, in combination with the sensation of the flavour on the tongue, the perception of the aroma, and the mouthfeel.

“The optimal flavour profile is made up of the right balance of aromas [and] fragrances, flavour components — especially acids and bitters – and a pleasant mouthfeel, which together create the perfect coffee experience. That is why an in-depth tasting should always be the first step,” Schaerer says.

Step two states that the selection of good coffee is essential. In addition to its variety, origin and processing, how the beans were roasted should be examined.

“As the visual, aromatic and flavour differences of the various roasted coffees are very versatile, the coffee machine must be adjusted to fit the individual element,” says Schaerer.

The effect of oxygen and heat exposure are also discussed, with the manual advising to fill the bean hopper with only the required beans for the day. The rest should be stored in an airtight, cool dark place.

Step three focuses on water quality with the manual stating that depending on the brewing method, coffee can consist of up to 99 per cent water for filter coffee and 90 to 94 per cent for espresso coffees.

“The ideal water for brewing coffee has a balanced mineral content, including calcium and magnesium, as well as a sufficient total hardness and alkalinity. This is the only way that a coffee can develop its full aroma,” says Schaerer.

Steps four and five move to focus on the basics of coffee extraction and milk dispensing. The guide suggests that to achieve a balanced flavour profile, five main criteria’s need to be considered including pump pressure, brewing temperature, brewing ratio, compression pressure, and grinding level.

“Each of these parameters must be precisely matched to the respective roast (blend or single origin) and the desired coffee beverage so that the taste and aroma can fully develop. Even the smallest deviations influence the coffee quality,” says Schaerer. “The golden rule: Adjust and taste until you are impressed by the quality.”

For milk dispensing, the manual states that protein content, fat, and temperature are very important, recommending that milk temperature should be between three to five degrees to create the perfect foam.

Part two and three of The Perfect Setting manual then shift to focus on coffee machine settings. The manual explores the setting options in a Schaerer coffee machine, using the Schaerer Coffee Soul automatic machine and its “Select” concept as an example.

“Our goal is to share our extensive knowledge with as many coffee enthusiasts as possible. Anyone who would like to download the PDF after the “online taster” is welcome to contact us directly,” says Oeggerli.

To read the manual, click here.

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