Schaerer Coffee Skye fills market gap


Swiss coffee machine manufacturer Schaerer has launched the new Schaerer Coffee Skye, a modular, adaptable and portable unit that was created when the company saw a gap in the market for a mid-level coffee machine.

Schaerer’s new Coffee Skye automated coffee machine is one of the most portable units that the Swiss manufacturer has produced, and its slim dimensions and integrated 4.9 litre water tank means that it can be set up almost anywhere.

“With the Schaerer Coffee Skye, we wanted to cover the demand for mid- level output between the Schaerer Coffee Club and the very powerful Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 and 12,” says Mathias Meyer, Project Manager of Research and Development at Schaerer.

“We are pleased that we can now offer our customers another machine that combines modern design and state-of-the-art technology with intuitive operation.”
The adaptable machine for the mid-level market is ideal for convenience stores, event catering, offices, bakeries or fast-food restaurants; environments that require a number of different drink settings as well as a simple interface that can be used by coffee professionals and customers.

Meyer says the mobility of the machine and its high performance make it ideal for on-trend catering applications such as food trucks, as well as on restaurant terraces, hotel lounges or for catering events in unusual locations.

Both in terms of design and technology, Meyer says the Schaerer Coffee Skye is a perfect complement to the Schaerer family of machines. “It was also especially important to us that the new machine could offer our customers many options for configuring it to their own requirements. This is because our major customers, in particular, including operators of coffee shops and convenience stores, approach us with numerous requests so they can perfectly adapt Schaerer machines to their business models,” says Meyer.

“But it is not only the ‘big customers’ who want individuality. Even small restaurants need coffee machines that perfectly fit their requirements to ensure economic operation. In order to be able to serve the diverse needs of our customers with a machine in the mid-price segment, we also chose the ‘Select’ concept that customers may know from the Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 and 12 as the basis for the Schaerer Coffee Skye”.

The machine is a mix of familiarity and improvement.

Just like the Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 and 12, the Schaerer Coffee Skye features three operating modes: The “Guest” mode is ideal for self-service, such as in bakeries, convenience stores or self-service restaurants. The “Staff mode” is based on the exact requirements of areas in which coffee specialties are prepared by staff and have to be adjusted quickly. The “Frequent user” mode was developed for supplying coffee in offices. It scores points with its short commands for quick beverage configuration by regular users.

These three modes are also intended to help new staff use the coffee machines quickly and safely.

A key theme that Schaerer customers kept bringing up with the company was that recently staff shortages in the hospitality sector meant that they needed a machine that was easy to use so that employees could be freed up for other tasks.

In addition to the wide range of configuration options, optional features for individualised use include a second grinder, single or double powder options, brewing accelerators, and networking with Schaerer Coffee Link and espresso grinding discs. The latter is recommended if the machine’s primary use is espresso drink as the discs allow for finer grind to get the ideal grain size for perfect Italian espresso.

The optional Powersteam steam wand is a great way to create authentic barista flair with manual milk foaming.

The new Pure Foam milk system provides hot or cold milk and creamy milk foam for a wide variety of beverages. The milk cooler can be placed on either the left or right of the machine, but also under the counter to save space.

Meyer says the Coffee Skye is not only easy to use, it is easy to install with all connections required for installation – main power, additional devices, possible mains water supply, waste water drain – accessible from the front of the machine. The connector for the waste water hose can also be removed without tools.

Mathias Meyer is the Project Manager of Research and Development at Schaerer.

But the balance that the team had to strike was to provide this simplicity while guaranteeing high-quality coffee in a variety of environments.

“This is where the three different operating modes of the Schaerer Coffee Skye come into play,” Meyer says. “No matter where the Schaerer Coffee Skye is located and whether it is operated by service staff or guests, the individualised operating concept makes sure that the machine is easy and intuitive to use.”

The Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 and 12 were the first machines to feature Schaerer’s new ‘family design’. “For the Schaerer Coffee Skye, our design office created its own look and feel within this ‘family design’, and our designers then found the perfect balance between design and functionality,” Meyer says.

This resulted in a design that used striking asymmetry – also found in the Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 and 12 – giving the Schaerer Coffee Skye its special look. A coloured design element on the right side creates additional visual accents, making the machine eye-catching but elegant. Meyer says the light elements on both sides of the central outlet also attract attention.

“The light elements also have a function,” Meyer says. “The different colours provide information about fill levels or technical problems.”

This interplay of design and technology is found throughout the entire Schaerer Coffee Skye. Another example of this is the display, which is deliberately set a part from the housing. This lends the machine a sense of lightness, while at the same time the eight-inch video screen is quite large for this machine category, ensuring simple operation.

There are also a range of optional accessories from cup dispensers to cup warmers. The illuminated cup warmers are recommended for coffee specialist outlets so they can serve customers the beverage at the ideal temperature. GCR

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This article was first published in the November/December 2022 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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