Schaerer Coffee Soul with Select

Schaerer Coffee Soul Select

The new Schaerer Coffee Soul with Select concept serves up the ultimate customised experience, mixing and matching to fit any individual needs.

Whether internationally active coffee chain or regional vendor, the desire for individuality is increasing. 

The Select concept combines technical performance and optics to meet customer requirements, providing its user ultimate flexibility to adapt the machine perfectly to their business model. Regardless of the individual configuration, customers can choose between the two models Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 with 10.4-inch display and Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 with 12.1-inch display. 

The graphical user interface, design, and menu have also been completed redesigned. It not only features large beverage icons, but the processes and display can be adapted for the three most common operating situations — guest, staff, and frequent user.

The different variants take into account the specific requirements of the respective area of application, improving the user experience. 

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