Building a billion-dollar coffee hub

Through MyCoffeeWorld, coffee pioneer Pascal Schlittler and a group of investors provide entrepreneurial equity, hands-on support, and business expertise to innovative coffee start-ups.

Even before falling for the coffee industry, Pascal Schlittler had a mind for building businesses. He started his first company at 22 years of age while still in university, and from there, built a successful career, leading him to the position of CEO of Lenovo Switzerland. When the opportunity came up to work with Eric Favre, creator of the Nespresso capsule system, on coffee capsule start-up Mocoffee, Schlittler jumped at the chance to apply all he had learnt about business and build this new company from the ground up. Read more

Mastercoldbrewer leads a cold brew re-volution

When Swiss musician, entrepreneur, and winery owner Dieter Meier announced his intentions to bring a new type of chocolate to market, created using the cold extraction of green cocoa beans, MyCoffeeWorld Founder Pascal Schlittler was keen to learn more. Read more

Algrano breaking ground

Pascal Schlittler, Founder of single serve coffee capsule company Mocoffee, is no stranger to innovation in the coffee industry. Since starting Mocoffee, Schlittler has built his Read more

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