SEB Professional to present WMF, Schaerer, and Curtis at Host Milano

SEB Professional

SEB Professional will present WMF Professional Coffee Machines, Schaerer, and Curtis at one booth for the first time at Host Milano this year. With a joint café as a focal point, the three brands will present their innovative solutions for coffee consumption.

WMF will focus on the WMF espresso NEXT semi-automatic portafilter machine. WMF says the new features for automated coffee preparation, milk dosing processes, and easy operation take process reliability and consistency to the next level.

WMF will also present the new WMF 1500 F to a professional audience for the first time. A bean-to-cup fully automatic coffee machine, it offers state-of-the-art functions and guarantees a uniformly high degree of coffee enjoyment wherever the user needs to prepare freshly filtered coffee quickly and reliably in large quantities.

At the exhibition booth, Schaerer will display the Schaerer Coffee Soul complete with the new cleaning system Schaerer ProCare and digital solutions for ordering and payment.

Schaerer will also present the Schaerer Coffee Skye with optional 30-gram brewer for the large beverage portions. In a separate area, Schaerer will present digital solutions for coffee vending and staff catering.

Professional filter coffee machine manufacturer Curtis will present the Curtis G4 Gold Cup Single Cup filter coffee machine, developed with the aim of preparing coffee of a quality which meets the Golden Cup Standard of the Specialty Coffee Association.

The Curtis G4 ThermoProX and Curtis G4 GemX Gemini brewing systems will also be on display, which are ideal for high demand locations. The digital G4 fourth-generation control allows intuitive operation of the machines and reliable preparation processes, enabling operators to individualise their filter coffee offering with various recipes.

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