Sensoria by Buencafé


As the demand for quality coffee continues to increase, SENSORIA By Buencafé enriches the user experience of enjoying high-end 100% Colombian coffee.

Constant innovation in Buencafé’s processes has allowed the brand to expand and further customise its offerings at a time when coffee consumption is most relevant.

SENSORIA is a unique set of technologies and processes that unlocks and preserves the complex flavours and aromas of freshly roasted coffee.

Buencafé continues to expand its portfolio and better the quality of each of its offerings, including high-quality freeze-dried soluble coffee, versions with micro-ground coffee, coffee concentrates, extract for a diverse array of ready-to-drink beverages, and edible formulations, alongside a fully customisable private-label service.

With its well known international exporting experience, SENSORIA By Buencafé makes the impossible possible, by surprising the world with a rich, complex, and unique taste.

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