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Sensory Summit announces first US Speakers


The Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) United States edition of Sensory Summit has revealed some of the speakers who will be presenting at the event, hosted at UC Davis from 4 to 6 February 2022.

Jean-Xavier Guinard is Professor of Sensory Science and Co-Director of the Coffee Center at the University of California, Davis.

His research focuses on sensory strategies for dietary change and the optimisation of the sensory quality and consumer acceptance of foods, beverages, and other consumer products.

Hanna Neuschwande, Director of Strategy and Communications for World Coffee Research is the author of over 50 magazine articles on coffee and the book Left Coast Roast.

In her role as Director of Strategy and Communications, she works closely with organisations across the coffee value stream to think about strategically aligning and communicating long-term sustainability investments.

Professor Christopher Hendon obtained his Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science (Advanced) from Monash University and Ph.D. from the University of Bath.

He is an author of Water For Coffee, a contributor to three World Barista Championship routines, and an advocate for freezing coffee and pulling fast shots of espresso.

Eliana Cossi, Vice President of Research and Development for Westrock, is a coffee scientific and technical lead, Q Grader, and coffee Ph.D. holder with almost two decades of experience in the coffee industry.

Eliana’s professional experience spans from coffee science to sensory evaluations and applications, from green to roasted coffee quality and processes, along with product innovation and sustainability.Presentations will include the latest research on coffee acidity, cold brew verses hot brew, cutting-edge tools for the coffee taster, consumer research, the chemicals which drive coffee’s mouthfeel, and how moisture affects coffee’s quality during shipment and storage.

To view the full list of speakers announced so far, click here.

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